Ch ch ch ch Changes. . .

. . .inevitable, unavoidable, uncontrollable.

Big changes, little changes, unforeseen changes. Unwelcome changes? Most definitely.

Change is hard, even expected change. Think about marriage. The engaged couple know that once the wedding is over their lives will not be the same. They have chosen this change in their lives but that doesn’t make the transition any easier. How much more so if the change is foisted upon an unwilling recipient?

Take a look at the book you are currently reading. Can you pinpoint the events that influence the characters and force them to make unthinkable decisions?

What about your own book that you are writing? What upheavals await the protagonist?

How does he/she adapt to the circumstance? What is his/her attitude? Does he/she benefit from the change?

This is the stuff of LIFE!!!

When I began writing Adeline, my intent was just to tell her narrative of how, in 1853, a slave girl came to be in the slave-free state of California. Pretty straightforward yet not so much. Servitude, dependency, seduction, betrayal, death—all awaited her in the small town of Penryn. Would she fight against the change or accept a fatalistic view of life?

After 62 years of life, I have learned that I could not have avoided the changes that came into my life and I will not be able to prevent those that are forthcoming. I can only shape and mold them into useful tools that improve my life’s journey and give perspective to my writing.

So, while I may kick and scream and cry and pout, I will  embrace (eventually), and put to good use, life’s invariable changes. How about you?


One thought on “Ch ch ch ch Changes. . .

  1. Well said Monica! It has taken me a lifetime of change to finally accept that although often I have no control over the changes that occur, I do have control over the way I respond to the changes in my life. Choosing my response actually gives me back some control! Change is usually hard, often painful and always inevitable. Thanks for this reminder!


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